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Why donate to Cajun Navy Ground Force?

We are united. We’re usually the first to arrive and last to leave. We stay in a community long after most other organizations have left, and we go to survivors homes and help them. Ready to donate? Scroll down to the form below or read on for more about our operations.

What we do.
Our homes are our sanctuaries, our safe place, a place of memories, it’s an archive of our families lives. Unfortunately after a disaster, tens of thousands of people lose their safe place, their home. It is absolutely traumatic. Our objective is simply to help people who’ve lost their homes regain a sense of control over their lives.

We accomplish this by using the media to tell the stories of survivors in order to bring in volunteers to help. Then, we assign them to either our SAFE Camp or to be Community Caregivers.

SAFE Camp (Swift Action Force Emergency Camp)
The concept behind SAFE Camp is to arrive as soon as possible after a disaster and establish a safe place in the community. We usually utilize a Walmart parking lot and have even partnered with the Walmart Foundation for a few disasters. It’s a safe place for our team, other non-profits and survivors to gather and begin working together to meet urgent needs.

Community Caregivers
We also realize many people need help with their homes. So we send trained staff and good volunteers into the community in a highly coordinated and safe effort to assist survivors in whatever way we can. We go to them. We clear debris, remove trees, tarp roofs, deliver supplies, give hugs and so much more. Hurricanes always happen just before Halloween, Thanksgiving and Christmas, so we even stay through the holidays if it makes sense.

Without your donations we couldn’t do this. Thank you so much for supporting us as we support disaster survivors.

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