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Cajun Navy Ground Force A New Era of Disaster Relief

Cajun Navy Ground Force is a 501c3 disaster relief non-profit established in August 2016. We organize professional citizens to respond to a range of natural disasters across the United States.

When disaster strikes we are ready to help. We quickly mobilize volunteers from our arsenal of nationwide trained professionals to swiftly respond. 

We partner with national and local corporations, donors, the federal government and community leaders for funding to provide supplemental services to those in dire need. We accomplish this through three core programs: SAFE Camp, Community Caretaker Volunteers and our Remote Teams. 

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ABC's America Strong: Cajun Navy Ground Force Helps Ida Survivors

Honored to have been featured on ABC News ‘America Strong’ for our months long Hurricane Ida response efforts.



SAFE Camp (Swift Action Force Emergency Camp) is a citizen command center and safe place for volunteers and nonprofits to work together. Through a partnership with Walmart, we set up in a nearby store parking lot to provide food, supply collection and distribution, water, non-profit collaboration, medical and mental health care, clothes washing and more to meet the needs of storm survivors. When disaster strikes and community-based organizations are overwhelmed, we are ready to help.


Each and every volunteer with the Cajun Navy Ground Force is a Community Caretaker. Our mission is to bring hope to individuals and help them regain a sense of control over their lives after a major weather event. Sometimes it’s just a hug. Sometimes it’s removing a tree from a roof. Sometimes it’s passing out water or essential supplies. That’s what our Ground Force Community Caretaker Volunteers do. We stay behind after a disaster and assist with whatever we can. We provide continuity for survivors and the greater disaster community.


Our Remote Team members provide essential dispatch, technology, marketing and logistics support from an offsite location. You won’t be on the ground or in our social media posts, because your job is to provide critical information and oversight to the entire operation. These roles vary. You might be in constant communication with our teams, Incident Commanders, SAFE Camp Director and Local Community Caretaker Volunteers. Our Remote Team operations are broadcast on the Zello Channel: Cajun Navy Disaster Response.



Become a Community Caretaker. Ground Force makes it easy for good citizens across the country to gather together on-scene AFTER a disaster and assist those whose lives are in crisis. We make it easy to help. Register, then just gas up your car or purchase a flight and come join us.  We will make sure you’re fed and housed while you help. Register here to assist.


Whether you or a loved one need rescue services, supplies, water, tree/ debris removal, tarp replacement, or a wellness check after a natural disaster, we crowdsource to provide essential disaster response services after a devastating event.

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